Introducing Willow

2013-01-12 13.32.52

Welcome to the blog for the 1935 Severn and Canal Carrying Company motorboat Willow. Clicking on the links above in the top bar will bring up historical information about Willow’s career with S&CCCo, and the subsequent use as a maintenance boat and as a liveaboard residence for 30 years. Other information about S&CCCo will be added shortly, along with information on our future plans for the boat.

Willow’s interior has been removed almost completely for recent rebottoming works, and so is being refitted. At 72′ long, this is a massive project that we’ve just embarked upon. Forthcoming posts will show some interesting photographs of the boat in drydock, and  others will show the start of the fit out.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing Willow

  1. Ray Butler

    So I was wrong about your future including rivets! All good wishes for the future.

  2. First to offer congratulations on the new blog and the new boat on it. I have just subscribed to the feed so should get all updates.
    You do realise you can officially call your new boat a “Long Boat”
    Brian and Diana

  3. Nick Holt

    Great new site, looking forward to reading your new adventure…

    best wishes, and congratulations

    Nick & Claire on Eileen

  4. Chris Woodward


    Hi and good luck with you new project, it sounds daunting but something I would love to undertake myself.

    One small comment, as the owner of a 30 year old boat I would certainly recommend using hardwood rather than softwood for concealed woodwork, it is more expensive but having removed panels from my own boat the difference between the two types used is unbelievable, the hardwood supports etc. are still like new. All the t@g interiror boardiing on Tommy are mahogony and there is no sign of any degredation even where there has been some water ingress but the softwood panels below the gunwails have suffered badly and are having to be replaced.

    Chris Woodward

  5. Grandad

    It is now on my favorites, Grandad

  6. Kath

    You won’t know what to do with all that space! Lucky things. Enjoy the fitout and the planning. Kath

  7. Great boat. You are not letting the grass grow under your feet when it comes tp fitting her out. Provided a lonk and looking forward to hearing news of her preogress. Steve from NB Albert

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