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Today, two 10m lengths of 14mm Hempex (synthetic hemp rope) arrived at work: Willow’s new bow and stern lines (or should that be fore-end and back-end lines?). We’d been advised that this is the best stuff if you want your lines to look authentic but be tough and long-lasting.

Just over two weeks before we go back up to Willow now, and we will have a lot to bring with us next time we go!


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9 thoughts on “Hempex

  1. You’ll need more that that! Suggest 20 ft back-end lines from each side of front of back cabin / engine room handrail, to help tie up in awkward spots, handling in locks, etc…

  2. Oh, we’ve got longer ones too, that come with the boat, for boat handling etc.

  3. mark

    The “back end” is the area just in front of the engine room bulkhead. The back end line is the one that attaches to the the back end rail on the engine room bulkhead.

    The stern (or starn) line is the one on the counter.

    Nothing is simple!

  4. Rorke

    pics pleeez

  5. Fatboyfinn

    Lovely – now you can spend the evening eye-splicing an end. Anyway, Ray, how long is a piece of string.

    Andy (Amy’s Dad)

  6. Kevin

    The length of a piece of string is: “The linear distance between its outstretched ends”. Well that’s what my engineering surveying tutor told me 40 odd years ago at college, and I haven’t heard a better description since !!

    I think we were discussing how to allow for the errors caused by the sagging of a surveyor’s chain at the time.

    Kevin (James’ Dad)

  7. Splicing lessons at The Parish, anyone?

    Montyjohn is a real expert, though you may need to bring your own fid……

    Oh, and firkin…….though that’s to share……… 🙂

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