Getting my canal fix




Yesterday, it felt like Spring was finally here. I was in London, and on the way back from running an errand in Tufnell Park (delivering a draft of a paper I’d written) I stopped at Camden Locks. I grabbed a box of takeaway noodles from one of the stalls and walked along the Regent’s Canal to Kings Cross in the afternoon sunlight. Hopefully we’ll bring Willow this way some time.

The last image is graffiti near the canal: “My days and my dreams have never known each other so well” – a line from a poem by Perry Farrell called Letters to Xiola

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3 thoughts on “Getting my canal fix

  1. Kath Corbett

    What’s your timescale for getting Willow sorted or are you just getting her habitable-ish and doing the rest as and when you can?
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. Nick Holt

    Hi Amy

    Great to see your shots of the Kings Cross-Camden stretch to the regents. It’s very much my families home stomping ground, as many of my London-based blog posts testify!

    I find it a fascinating area, and like you, love the idea of bringing Eileen down to London one day.

    In my minds-eye I’m planning the South Oxford to Oxford, then down the Thames and in at Brentford, a year exploring the London waterways and then back up the Grand Union… a dream to make a reality I hope – fingers crossed!



  3. Fatboyfinn

    One more stop on the tube -Archway- and you’ll back to your or rather mine roots.
    What a lovely day – I was putting some mooring lines on the sea wall at Starcross Y C.
    Fish and chip from Dawlish for lunch



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