Plan A

2013-02-24 16.28.49

Langley Mill, at the junction of the Cromford and Erewash canals where our journey with Willow will begin


Several people have asked us what our plans are now that we own two boats and only one of them is currently in a  state to live on. So this is Plan A:

We can’t move Willow back to Cambridge from Langley Mill until the Easter holidays. Luckily the mooring is paid up until the end of March so that is fine. So, until then, we will be spending as many weekends as we can up there. It won’t be both of us, or every weekend but we will try to get on with the basics of installing the systems (water, electricity etc) and fitting the kitchen before we set off.

In the meantime we can continue to live on the Duck, because our buyer is not ready to take it on until the end of April.

CanalPlanAC reckons about 10 days to get from LM to Cambridge, so we should easily be able to bring it back (Erewash – Soar – GU Leicester Section – GU – Nene – Middle Level – Ouse) over the two week holiday, and once we arrive, moor up next to the Duck and transfer our possessions over. Lyra will come with us for the journey and we will have friends looking after the Duck whilst we are away.

When our mooring and river licences come up we’ll put them both in Willow’s name. Depending on when our buyer wants to take on the Duck, we’ll either hand it over to him or find a temporary non-residential mooring for it in one of the marinas in the Fens.

It is of course subject to alteration if there is flooding or stoppages or…


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4 thoughts on “Plan A

  1. And if they dreadge Salters especially for crossing on the level.

  2. Plan B: across the Wash and dodge the shallows up the Great Ouse? Probably faster too if the weather at Boston is calm and pilots are available.

  3. Severner Willow

    No, if we can’t get through Salters immediately we’ll move back onto the Duck for a bit or commute from Downham 🙂

  4. 10 days?? I should’ve run my route from the Soar through CanalPlan! I was estimating a trip of a month or more. But then, I don’t suppose I’ll be progressing as quick as you guys! 🙂

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