Fitout Day 6


Willow against grey skies

The morning did not begin altogether pleasantly. At 6:20 or so, we were woken up by a terrible shrieking, loud enough to wake the dead. We hurriedly dressed and checked thoughout the boat, but it was coming from outside.

It turned out that one of the industrial units that backs onto the basin has this particularly awful alarm. It went on until nearly 7am, until it finally, mercifully, stopped.

There seemed no point trying to sleep again, so after throwing several logs onto the fire to warm the boat up, and a bit of a lie in, we headed over to ASDA for a cooked breakfast, and very nice it was too.

When we got back, we resolved to start running cables. Ihad run one on Saturday night only own, and it had taken forever; but, with the two of us, it was a lot easier.

We started with the cables for the things furthest away- 6mm^2 cross section for the tunnel light, the horn, and the domestic water pump, which will be in the conventional place under the front step. We started in the bedroom, Amy turning the cable drum whilst I walked along the length of the boat, putting each cable through the large cable tie loops, which will be tightened up to pull the cable loom up to the blocks once all the cables have been fed through.

We then measured off enough to reach the distribution panel in the engine room, and fed the cables through the cable glands on the bulkhead, before attaching them to the bus bars.

At this point, we were due a visit from Sarah of Chertsey and Bakewell, formerly Warrior, who was very keen to see Willow. After a bit of confusion over where the rail replacement bus stopped, we finally met up with her and showed her round. We had a lovely time over cake, sticky buns, and tea, discussing previous boating escapades, but also our plans for Willow.

As Sarah left, we had an unexpected visitor, Paul, who often comments on the. Blog and who popped by. It was good to see you, Paul, even without any honey this time!

We had a little bit of time before we had to head off back to Cambridge, so had a quick go at running some more cables. I ran a pair of 6mm^2 for the fridge up the bulkhead a d over the ceiling, and down to the gunwale, which should be of sufficient cross section to prevent voltage drop, although I’ll do some calculations when I have a spare moment to check. This has been temporarily tacked to the tongue and groove of the ceiling; when we’re at the boat next I will cut a slot in the tongue and grove so they can sit under the oak faced ply panelling. We also started running cables in the bathroom for the Whale Gulper sump pump, which will pump out the waste from the shower and the basin n the bathroom. This will be attached to a sump with a float switch, so should run automatically. I will have to cut a hole in the sub floor, though, so it can be sufficiently low enough to have the shower drain into it.

All to soon it was time to pack up and head for the train- or, rather, the rail replacement bus into Nottingham.





A new toy- a labelling machine. It prints off a sticky label which is waterproof and ideal for marking cables; I’ve labelled each end of the cable, at at the joints between cables, to aid fault finding later if required.

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2 thoughts on “Fitout Day 6

  1. James, you clever chap, a labelling machine brilliant idea!!
    Best wishes for Willow’s refit.

  2. Kevin Tidy

    Glad you are finding the label machine useful …… Dad

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