…and it even matches the boat!

Fitting out is a dirty, dusty business, and, as we’re trying to live on board part of the time, the boat needs frequent tidying up and sweeping to try and keep on top of the dust from ground-off tile adhesives, sawdust, cut off remnants of sealant or glue, ash and dust from the stove, etc etc etc!

We’ve borrowed a small Goblin vacuum cleaner from Simon, but decided to bite the bullet and get something a bit more industrial and suitable.


Charles the wet and dry cleaner should do the job. We’ve wanted a decent, large vacuum cleaner for years on Lucky Duck, but never had the space to store one, or the power to run it. Dust from the solid fuel stove can be very annoying in the depths of winter. it getsEVERYWHERE a d sweeping it up just isn’t good enough, it always swirls some into the air and deposits it elsewhere. When deciding on the electrical system for Willow, an inverter large enough to power a proper vacuum cleaner was pretty high on the list. The 2kw (4kw surge) inverter we got, and which we will install this weekend, should allow us to clean properly. The ability to suck up wet spills should also prove invaluable. And, of course, there’s twice the amount of cabin space to keep clean- more if you count the engine room and the space that will become the back cabin- compared to Lucky Duck.

And the best thing about It? It (I can’t bring myself to call it a “he”, that would be a step too far) is that the colours match Willow perfectly, if I add a little bit of white lining with insulation tape….

I also can’t believe I just wrote a whole post about a vacuum cleaner. That is very very sad.

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8 thoughts on “…and it even matches the boat!

  1. Grandad

    Add a pair of glasses and it would be like you Always Smiling

  2. indigodream

    I will now expect reviews of brass polish and stove blacking products 😀

    Actually, a post on vacuum cleaners IS useful – took us ages to choose one for ID that would do the job without tripping the fuses! A wet/dry vacuum is immensely useful – our bilges wouldn’t be the same without one…

    Sounds as if the fit-out is coming on apace….


    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  3. One wonders if the manufacturer announced the arrival in the Birth columns in the papers: “On March 1st, Charles, a brother to Henry …”

    A quick search reveals that its power consumption is 1200W. That’s a lot to suck out of the batteries when you’re off grid. I’ve been following (trying to follow) Tom and Jan’s Waiouru blog on batteries and charging – you might want to consider using it only when running the engine. Or from a generator.

  4. Sounds wonderful to me. I make do with dustpan and brush and then everything needs dusting afterwards!

  5. That looks ‘proper job’ to me!

    As Thomas Cat has been confined to barracks since coming second in a fight, may I add ‘cat litter’ to the list of stuff which such a vacuum cleaner is is ideal for sorting………..?

    You could always get a weedy 5.9kva generator like ours, but I think SevernerWillow will require more in the region of 10……..

    At least then you will be able to hoover round the arc welder while listening to the stereo and using the Magimix for more fab baking……..


  6. Looking good guys, quick update for you on Denver Salters lode, all went well with our crossing, did scrape bottom comming out of Denver but then we were at the bottom of the tide. However, you will need to have aplan to get along the ditch from Mormont Priory Lock to Salters Lode, we draw 27 inches and scraped our bottom a lot of the time, especially between salters and Nordelph and through the village section in Upwell and Outwell hope this info is of use.

    • We navigated that stretch in wb Pippin a few years ago. The biggest problem then was weed fouling the prop. Mind you, widebeam though she is, Pippin doesn’t draw as much as your boats……

      Lets hope all the snow-melt will bring the Middle Level’s level up!

      • Severner Willow

        …but not too far up, or we won’t get under the bridges!

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