Other Severners: Motor Number 7, now named Dane

There is another Severn and Canal boat moored at Langley Mill, only this one s even rarer than Willow… And significantly older, being built in 1907.

Dane on dock at Langley Mill


When first built by Severn and Canal at Stourport in 1907, it was a wooden horse drawn boat called Bath. However, by the late 1920s, Severn and Canal wanted to modernise their fleet and, inspired by the motorboats that had been run by Cadbury’s and themselves, they set about converting several horseboats into motorboats with 15hp Bollinder semi diesel engines.

Motor No 4, sister ship to No 7, showing how it would have looked in working days. Picture originally from Cadbury’s, and reproduced in “Severn and Canal and Cadbury’s” by Alan Faulkner.

Bath was converted in July 1929, and was renamed Motor Number 7.


After carrying for S&CCCo, it was sold in 1948 to Thomas Clayton’s of Oldbury, for the grand sum of £1400. Clayton’s converted it into a tar boat, fitting the forecabin and decking over the hold to create a series of tanks to hold bulk liquids, like Spey and other tar boats.

Back end of Dane on dock at Langley Mill

Paired normally with wooden ex-LMS Station Boat Clara.




Faulkner, A. H., Severn & Canal and Cadburys, Robert Wilson, Rothwell 1981.

Faulkner, A. H., “Severn & Canal”, NarrowBoat Summer 2006, pp. 12-19.

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4 thoughts on “Other Severners: Motor Number 7, now named Dane

  1. I took the grand kids to the Waterways Museum at Gloucester this weekend and there is one moored there, but she looks very unloved.

    • Severner Willow

      We plan to go there at some point soon and see what we can learn about Oak (the one that’s at Gloucester), if they’ll let us on it!

  2. *yawn* your blog is really really boring and you are one really annoying ginger. Nt only that but you look incredibly condescending. #annoying

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