Fitout Day 11

Today we got up early to go to Langley Mill by train for what we hope was the last time, because next week we will begin to bring Willow home by canal and river!



When we arrived, the sun was shining for the first time in what felt like ages. For most of the day, we didn’t even have the stove on! So, what did we get done today? We insulated the bulkhead between the bedroom and the back cabin, I hung some of the old curtains to improve privacy and keep the light out early in the morning, and James started wiring up the batteries to the distribution board. James also put a fitting in a hole on the roof which had been for the wind turbine. We won’t be having one since we know that they’re no use on the Cam. As a simple solution he plugged the hole with a pump out fitting- that will confuse people since don’t have a pump out, but it is neat and we could actually use it for its designed purpose one day should we decide to. As it is we fall into the cassette camp in the age old debate! The fitting can also be used to feed the wire for a 12 v “cabin light” in addition to the tunnel light to help make navigating tunnels easier.

In the evening we went for our last curry at the wonderful Mehran. They were all very friendly and wished us luck – they remember us every time we go in and ask about the boat!




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9 thoughts on “Fitout Day 11

  1. Richenda

    Can you explain what a pump out and cassette are for us landlubbers?

    • Severner Willow

      Pump out: sewage goes into a large holding tank and is regularly pumped out by a machine on the bank, which costs to use and the Cambridge one is often broken
      Cassette: sewage goes into a smalln tank which is removable from the boat and can be wheeled to a disposal point if the boat can’t be moved for any reason, where it is tipped out. Free to use and less likely to be out of action.

  2. “pump out” for when you have a toilet with out a “cassette” …a toilet with one needs to have it removed and emptied, one with out as a tank that fills up and needs emptying by a pump, via the “pump out ” hole!

  3. Richenda if you are a landlubber you don’t even want to think about it.

  4. Cambridge Designers

    Hi – boat looking good ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a bit puzzled as to why you say wind turbines are no good on the Cam.

    Our son Michael (NB Aragorn, Browns Field) has one and it works really well and certainly adds to the electricity gained from the solar panel.

    Best regards Paul Walford

    Cambridge Designers 35 Station Road Histon Cambridge CB24 9LQ Tel 01223 503404 Mobile 07762 846953

    • Severner Willow

      I should clarify I mean our bit of the Cam. It may well work out there at Browns Field, but we had one for some time on Midsummer Common and it didn’t provide much at all. And the noise was horrible!

      • Ah, you must mean the soothing sound of free amps surging into the batteries that is the delightful ‘Marlec Moan’…….. ๐Ÿ™‚


        What Noise?” (shouted……)


  5. Fatboyfinn

    Good Luck and Bon Voyage. Popps xxx

  6. Ivor Thomas

    What was Leicester like ?. We “did” it a few years ago when bringing the boat from Whilton, it was an eyeopener to say the least. We were advised (by a waterways man ) not to hang about in the city and to be honest I would like to make that run again. We went through around mid morning and we saw drug dealing, drinking and all sorts of “shady” goings on. I am following your blog and it is first class Keep up the good work. (and thanks)

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