Voyage Home Day 8: Whittlesea to Salters Lode

Start 8:45 am, finish 6pm

Middle Level Navigations

24 miles, 2 locks

A late start because we wanted to make the most of being able to use the showers at the leisure centre in Whittlesea. It opens at 6:30, so we were up early and both showered and breakfasted by 8:30. We waited until the boat breasted up to us was ready to go, and then we were off.

I didn’t see much of today – I had work to be getting on with and made the most of the lock free pounds when I wasn’t needed to be inside using my laptop. James was happy at the tiller, as although the route’s boring, at least it was novel doing it in Willow. The going was slow, but not quite as bad as we’d expected, and eventually we made it to Marmont Priory lock, which was looking lovely in the spring sunshine. Willow has never been this far East, as Marmont Priory was not lengthened until 1998, after Willow’s last Fenland adventure with her previous owner. Margaret the lock keeper and her daughter helped us through and then it was on to Upwell/Outwell, where the channel runs down the middle of the village street. The twin villages were looking gorgeous, with daffodils and celandines lining the banks. Here, we were in tickover all the way – it was too shallow to go any faster, but we made slow and steady progress. We stopped for half an hour on the town staithe for a breather, and to clean the propellor blades which had picked up a fair bit of weed.

Beyond the villages we were able to go a little bit faster, and made it to Salters Lode at 6pm exactly. We’ve been and spoken to Paul, the lockie, who confirms we are on for 6:30am tomorrow to lock out on the level tide, then we wait just outside the lock on the wall until Denver are ready to receive us. That’s the plan anyway! Fingers crossed.

2013-04-10 13.34.59 2013-04-10 13.58.45 2013-04-10 13.59.12 2013-04-10 14.46.39 2013-04-10 14.46.50 2013-04-10 14.58.11 2013-04-10 15.09.41 2013-04-10 18.30.06 2013-04-10 18.30.41 2013-04-10 19.39.03


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7 thoughts on “Voyage Home Day 8: Whittlesea to Salters Lode

  1. We missed the Daffs this year, they weren’t out when we left the ML

  2. At least now you can moor on the pontoons outside Denver lock. There is no way you would get up the Bedford with all the fresh still coming down.

  3. Wow. How great that you have arrived just in time for a favourable tide. Hope you are not waiting outside Denver for too long and you have a trouble free trip home.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  4. Fatboyfinn

    Nearly Home ” Are we there yet” ……….Popps xxx

  5. That reminds me how dauntingly small the bridge holes are on the the stretch through Upwell and Outwell!
    At least it adds a little excitement to an otherwise interminable trudge at tick over through a ‘navigation’ that is more accurately a ‘drainage ditch with attitude’!
    See you soon!

  6. How lovely to see Willow in those familiar settings.

  7. Oh! I know that stretch with the poplars in the top photo. It’s that straight bit between March and Salter’s lode. I took a hired narrowboat along there once.

    Can you tell me what it’s called, please? Google Maps doesn’t help. Is it part of the Cam or does it have some other name, like ‘drain’?

    Thank you.

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