Voyage Home Day 10: Waterbeach to Cambridge

Start 8:30am, finish 10:30am
River Cam
6 miles, 1 lock

Well, that’s it for our big voyage – we are home! Willow is now moored in the Duck’s old spot, and the Duck is behind our neighbours’s boat.

It was a short but momentous journey this morning, as we arrived into town in the drizzle. We moored up alongside the Duck and went to say hello to our neighbours on Light Enough to Travel. With the boats alongside each other, it’s amazing to see the contrast between our old boat and the new one!


We have made a start on transferring things across, but much of the Duck’s contents will have to go to the garage for now. We have a few days grace from the council regarding having two boats onthe mooring but early next week the Duck’s new owner will take her on and begin moving her about.

Of course the most important thing that needed transferring was our Lyra- we’ve really missed her, and although we know she’s been we’ll looked after, it is nice to have her back. She’s really settled in to Willow, having explored literally every nook and cranny including the bilges!



In the afternoon, we had lots of visitors coming to see our new home. It’s good to be back, but we have a lot to do!

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7 thoughts on “Voyage Home Day 10: Waterbeach to Cambridge

  1. Fatboyfinn

    Well done Amy and James. Love Popps xxx

  2. Kevin Tidy

    Well done Amy and James. You’ll need to update the historic ships register now that Willow is on the Cam and no longer at Langley Mill! Dad

  3. Willow looks (and, I suppose, is…..) ENORMOUS next to the dear old Duck!

    If there are any problems with the council/Cam Con about having two boats on the river, why not just cross out ‘Lucky Duck’ and paint ‘Tender to Mb Willow’ instead……?

    Or better yet, Engineer Mark and I can pop down and rig you a couple of davits so you can sway her up as a lifeboat!


  4. Ivor Thomas

    followed you ALL the way WELL DONE to the both of you Thank you for keeping us informed via the blog. I shall miss not sitting down at the end of the day “catching up” with you. Well done again and now a short rest with wine must be the order of the day.

  5. Well done, guys! I think the info you provided on your trip home will, I’m sure, come in handy for my own trip. Not sure I’ll have the stamina for 12 hour days though!

  6. Well done you two. What a great journey home. Have fun organising all your goods and chattels into your new home.

  7. Excellent! You are now just 60 miles from where I live. I hope I might be able to call in one day …

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