Moving Home

The last couple of days has been quite hectic- we’ve been moving all of our possessions off the Duck ready for the new owner, and putting most of them in the garage. It is quite amazing just how much STUFF we had managed to fit on what now seems like a small boat!

Most of the garage moving was done using one of cycle courier company Outspoken’s freight bikes. Not only can these carry lots of boxes at a time, they are quick and they can get on to the Common, where a car couldn’t. Everything else was transferred directly to Willow by lining up the side hatches.


The Duck is now tied up, empty, on the visitor moorings.

Throughout all this Lyra has been noticeably confused and not a little distressed. Her territory is the Duck, but that has been increasingly inhospitable to her, with food, water and litter now on Willow. But she kept going back. in fact, she was the last thing to be passed through the side hatch before we moved the Duck. But now it is over and things have settled down, she seems much happier. In fact, she’s curled up, purring, on my lap right now!


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2 thoughts on “Moving Home

  1. The last picture should be titled “Still life with cat and wine bottle”.

    It’s a lovely and very atmospheric shot!

    Hope Lyra’s settling down a bit more now.

  2. It will soon feel like home for you all now. It must be so exciting for you. Look forward to seeing you when we get down your way later.

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