Aside from the moving in process, the other vital thing we needed to get sorted was battery charging, as running the engine for charging isn’t really a desirable option. On Lucky Duck we had a 136W solar panel which kept us self sufficient through out spring, summer and autumn. We wanted to install something simlar for Willow, so James went to speak to our friendly local renewables company, Midsummer Energy. As luck would have it, they had two 100W stick-on panels which had been used for demonstration, going cheap. They had lost their stick, so we stuck them down with VHB tape but the edges still need a little more attention to get them sealed down fully. But they are now wired in through an MPPT regulator and happily pouring free, silent amps into our batteries – brillant! I’ve got the fridge on and everything!

We chose the stick-on ones again simply because they are so robust. The rigid frame ones are cheaper and more efficient, but when we are cruising on Willow, we found that we used the roof a lot to get on and off at locks and wouldn’t want to risk falling and breaking them. These can be walked on (with soft soled shoes) if necessary.

There’s also lots of space for more panels when we can afford them!

2013-04-18 13.58.25 2013-04-18 13.58.49

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2 thoughts on “Solar

  1. Congratulations on your new home and safely arriving back at your home mooring! Congratulations also on selling nb Lucky Duck and finally buying a historic ‘working’ boat. (Excuse me if I said that wrong) It’s refreshing to watch people set goals, make plans, and follow through to achieve their goals. I am not a boater, but I enjoy your blog and learn something new almost every day. I have really enjoyed following your journey and look forward to the next chapter.

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