Fitout Day 16

Our first full day to spend on the fit out since we’ve got back from cruising, and it was a lovely day to be working on the boat. The aim for the day was to get the work tops in for the pieces over the fridge and to get the oven mounted if not connected. We also had a LOT of sorting of the stuff that had not been chucked or gone to the garage.

With the work mate out on the towpath it was fairly straightforward to use the jigsaw to cut the required pieces to size. The sunshine and solar panels meant that the batteries were well topped up for using power tools.

James soon had the over-fridge piece attached and then it was the turn of the oven section. This had to be cut exactly so the the oven would be supported all the way round, effectively hanging from the worktop. Measured and cut to the top of the oven we’d not taken into account how well the bottom of it would fit, so a section needed to be cut out of the base of the unit. But once that was done, it slotted in perfectly! Now it just needs connecting up to the gas.



Later on, after a good sort of things lying about in piles, the boat’s looking more homely. The lovely Edwardian table now has pride of place and is very useful. Sitting on it you can see the beautiful type writer that our HNBC friends Ros and Phil dropped off with us as they were in the area on Saturday.

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3 thoughts on “Fitout Day 16

  1. I hope you have heat protection above that Aladdin lamp! I nearly burned a hole through Lupin’s cabin with one of those many years ago, Lovely to hear of youir progress.

  2. Typewriter? Looks more like a Charles Babbage Mk1 keyboard to me……..

    (Difference Engines rock!……)

    Mr Butler is quite correct. I’ve got an off-cut of fireboard from Ridgeons somewhere.

    Yours if you need it!


  3. Severner Willow

    Thanks, we are okay, the lamp has an integral heat deflector. 🙂

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