Pyewacket Rides Again (Again)

Many of you will have already read about Pyewacket, aka the wonky boat which has featured in several blog posts in the past
The boat is under new ownership now – belonging to our friends Amy and Kirsty. They have had a bad time trying to get Pye ‘seaworthy’ again, as the boat was built using 2mm steel as a lifeboat in about 1947, so after years in the water and without regular blacking, there was very little left of the hull. After several weeks in the hands of a boatyard which had at long last managed to get her into some semblance of flotation, we were ready to bring her home to her planned mooring spot.

Yesterday afternoon, a motley crew gathered at the boatyard in Earith, but the boat’s old Petter PH2 took about an hour to get started due to fuel line problems. Finally however, the engine was going relatively reliably and we set off, James at the helm as we wound along the twists and turns of the Old West River. On its way to the boatyard earlier in the year, the boat had hit a bridge in strong stream conditions, taking most of the rotten wheelhouse off, so we were a little nervous going under it again. Thankfully all was well and we were soon on the Great Ouse, having picked up more crew at the Lazy Otter. Pye is a quick boat so it wasn’t long before we’re were at Bottisham lock, kindly set for us by John on Pippin. He also distributed some books, in honour of World Book Night.

Eventually we arrived in Cambridge, where Pyewacket had a spot saved for her on the railings, held by a couple of dinghies. We moved them out of the way and secured the boat in her spot. It was a moment her owners had been waiting for over a year – their own boat to do up and live on, and we were happy to be able to help them achieve it!




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2 thoughts on “Pyewacket Rides Again (Again)

  1. It was lovely to see you all and I’m glad the girls have got their new home ‘home’ at last.

    I hope they’ll keep their feet dry too!


  2. L

    Fantastic to see Pyewacket again, as above. My son used to own her and we spent cosy times onboard.

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