Fit out Days 17 and 18

A very busy weekend! We had various social commitments – dinner with friends, seeing another friend who we’d not seen for years, our own boatwarming BBQ (which turned into a pub visit because it was soooo cold and windy), but in between these, we managed to procure, insulate and clad a lot of the bedroom area. It is already insulated below gunwale level, but not above. I think I’ve explained before but just in case, Willow’s cabin was originally wood – the big T&G planks you can see in the the first photo. A few years ago, it was reskinned in steel, so that it is much more waterproof, but the old cabin remains structural, in place underneath. This is really helpful because unlike many boats which are metal boxes with battening to support the insulation and lining, with Willow, we can screw/nail things to the wall anywhere. This made fitting the insulation boards much easier!

Thankfully, Amy Pyewacket’s dad was about,  to help the girls with Pye’s fitout and he had his van. They offered to help us pick up our tongue and groove cladding as well as two Celotex insulation boards.

We also bought a new toy – an electric circular saw to help with the cutting of the boards. Whilst we have kindly been offered the use of other peoples’ ones, it would be a case of bringing the wood to the saw which would be a hassle because we only have a 2000W inverter. This way we can chop things up to our heart’s content on the boat, which will speed things up a lot.

Using cladding clips helped too – a really simple and easy way to hold the T&G planks in place neatly without needing lots of nails sticking through the surface.

We ran lighting wires under the surface, so we’ll have two ceiling LEDs – one at each end. The room only has one window and it’s not fun getting dressed in a dingy room!

Once we’ve finished the cladding we’ll paint it. We plan on using a grey/fawn below the gunwales and a cream above to keep it light but warm.









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4 thoughts on “Fit out Days 17 and 18

  1. Fatboyfinn

    TG and V – good idea to finish – paint/varnish – it before fixing it. Then you don’t have to paint/varnish
    upside down. Tip No. 156. Not sure James should be allowed in the same room as the saw!!!
    Its got big sharp teeth. Diva is coming out tomorrow – back on the oggin.

    Love Popps xxx

    • This is an excellent idea! We’ve not done the ceiling yet so we’ll leave that til we’ve painted the T&G 🙂

  2. The current (May 2013) issue of Canal Boat magazine has an article following the progress of a couple fitting out their sailaway. In it they talk about varnishing their T&G: they decide to varnish before fitting, so that any weather-related expansion/contraction won’t reveal unvarnished strips. They are also varnishing the backs of the planks!

  3. Pat Tidy

    Dont forget Uncle Phil when you use that saw! Be careful!

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