Fit out day 19 (sort of)

Not exactly a full day. We’d spent odd moments of time here and there over the week working on the bedroom, and spent the late morning and afternoon today, having had a lie in after being kept awake until 5am by a party opposite- needless to say we were not impressed!

Although all the tongue and groove cladding had been put up, the finishing touches needed to be added. To disguise the joints and angles around the edges of the panels, we used 22mm wide softwood strips, panel pinned into place, as it was much easier to get the complex corners right, and to get the edges butted up exactly.


At the gunwale, we wanted to add some decorative mouldings, to help disguise the join and make it work visually. We bought a pack of several dado rail mouldings, and cut them all to length with the circular saw. Most of the cuts were straight, apart from one where the rail along the bulkhead meets the slightly angled rail under the wall panels, which needed a compound cut of 45 degrees and 10 degrees to make the joint work. The table saw made this easy to do, however. It’s taken us longer to get these finishing touches added than to do the actual cladding itself!



Once all the rails were screwed on with very small screws through a channel in the moulding, we finished off the edging strips and then spent a good half hour tidying up, bundling up useful lengths of wood together, and vacuuming up the very large amounts of sawdust that had got everywhere. As someone pointed out, one of the main drawbacks of living on a boat and fitting it out is having space to put things, and how you always end up moving things about, wasting time.

After having cleared the room, and put away all the tools, we were able to start painting, after Amy carefully used high quality masking tape to mask off the oak beams and fittings that are staying a varnished natural colour. We’re going to use some very nice paint from Farrow and Ball, because the beauty of painting a narrow boat room is that you don’t need very much paint!

Although it took a very long time, I managed to prime all the cladding, with a white primer, and it has really brightened up the room. Several coats of undercoat and topcoats will follow. The scheme in mind is a maroon or scarlet colour under the gunwales, and then a slightly yellow off-white above the gunwales and over the ceiling, as the bedroom has only one window, and we don’t want it to get too dark.

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2 thoughts on “Fit out day 19 (sort of)

  1. Wow! It’s looking great!

  2. As ever, the devil is in the detail…..

    It’s looking fabulous, though!

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