Lyra’s First Willow Trip

On Sunday we headed out to the GOBA moorings near Waterbeach, for a little gathering to celebrate Jackie Pippin’s birthday. It was our first ‘pleasure cruise’ on Willow – all movements so far have been because we needed to be somewhere. So it was really nice to get out of town just for the fun of it.  There were lots of rowers about as there was a race about to begin but we made it past without incident.

It was also Lyra’s first proper cruise on Willow. We were interested to see how differently she reacted. At the front of the boat it is so quiet and there’s hardly any vibration, so she seemed quite relaxed. I took her outside and on seeing the water all around she was more nervous.

We arrived at the GOBAs and moored alongside Light Enough To Travel. The BBQ was already lit and soon we were tucking into some delicious kebabs, sausages, bread and melted brie, fresh local asparagus, all washed down with Pimms and mojitos. Yum! After a while sitting outside, the clouds drew in and it began to rain, but Pippin was spacious enough to carry on the celebrations inside.

Later on, we decided to head back into town. Chris from Light Enough wanted to have a go steering Willow, so James and Chris took Willow, while Simone and I took Light Enough. I definitely got the best deal here – it was still raining, but Light Enough has a  pram hood at the stern, so we stayed quite dry all the way into town!

2013-05-12 11.48.20 2013-05-12 11.50.03 2013-05-12 12.28.42 2013-05-12 12.28.53 2013-05-12 13.42.56 2013-05-12 14.05.51 2013-05-12 14.06.06 2013-05-12 17.05.52

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