Fitout Day 21: Paint!

Over the last few evenings we’ve been beavering away painting the bedroom. And we’re nearly there. The Farrow and Ball paint was a good choice – the finish is lovely, and the colours gorgeous! Although I did get asked if I’d done something awful to my hand – see picture 3 – because the dark red dried to a very blood-like shade on my skin!

At first we were a little worried – the red colour goes on a sort of dusky pink which we were not too fond of -see picture 2 – but once dried and with two coats it is a gloriously rich dark red which complements the cream above very well. We’ve still not decided what to do with the top of the bulkhead above the paneling. I have some old nautical charts which my dad acquired when the University of Exeter’s Geography Department threw them out some years ago – one of the Thames, one of the River Exe where I grew up, and one fairly random one of Finland. They would work well as wallpaper. What I really want is a map of the Severn! But we might put up the Thames one for now.

We’ve also wired in the lights and switches too, so we have doubled the number of lights in the boat!

2013-05-13 20.11.42 2013-05-15 18.23.26 2013-05-15 20.07.51 2013-05-15 20.34.09

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4 thoughts on “Fitout Day 21: Paint!

  1. Amy's Dad

    I like your use of skirting board moulding as a dado. Thought about using a roller on the T G and V much quicker, course you have to use a brush in the vees and corners. Rhubarb and Custard colours of the LMS which your Great Grandad worked for. or is it “blood and custard”. He got an award for his work during the Harrow and Wealdstone Crash in 1952.

    Popps xxx

  2. Severner Willow

    It’s such a small area that it isn’t the painting time which holds us back but the waiting between coats for them to dry!

  3. Your right, it does look uck before it dries.

  4. Iain Smith

    yes i can see why you were worried. looks good though.

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