Fitout 23

What a gloriously sunny bank holiday weekend! Saturday we went out to Waterbeach to move the Duck, and ended up visiting John Pippin, and going to the charity shop at Emmaus. We got a pretty good haul – some Willow pattern plates, some brass push plates, a spice rack and a little chest of drawers. I will post about them separately when I have some photographs. I’ve also picked out a lovely old bike from John’s vast collection of old bikes, which he is going to do up for me, as mine was nicked the other day. I’m very excited about it!

By the evening however, James wasn’t feeling too well.  Unfortunately he continued to feel unwell throughout Sunday, and I didn’t feel great either, so we both just lolled about at home, wishing we could either be out in the sun or getting on with work on Willow. Thankfully having a  bigger boat meant that even with both of us ill and at home, we had space. We were also very thankful for friends who came around with a care package, so we didn’t need to drag ourselves to the shops.

On Monday we were both feeling a bit better so we were able to get on with some jobs. James battened out and insulated the bathroom with Celotex and I sanded and oiled the kitchen worksurfaces. After we’d been to Emmaus on Saturday, John had sanded, cleaned and oiled the spice rack for us, and it looked so good that I resolved to come home and sort out my kitchen. I sanded the surfaces down first, and the few little splashes which had left marks were easily removed. Then, following John’s advice, I cleaned all the surfaces with vinegar to remove the dust. Next I applied two coats of the oil which IKEA suggest for their worksurfaces. I also treated my big chopping board in the same way. The IKEA oil is certified for use on surfaces where food will be prepared. It’s all looking very nice.

2013-05-27 16.14.41 2013-05-27 16.14.49

2013-05-27 12.36.45 2013-05-27 16.47.58 2013-05-27 16.48.32 2013-05-27 16.48.49 2013-05-27 16.49.14

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One thought on “Fitout 23

  1. That there kitchen’s looking ‘proper job, moi dere…..’


    Glad you’re both back on the well-ness continuum!

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