Finally, our long awaited river and mooring license discs have arrived. On the same day, and in the same garish green colour. So Willow’s now officially registered on the Cam. I had a letter through from the Canals and Rivers Trust reminding me to licence it, and I hope that they’ve got the message that the boat has left their water.

Interestingly (to me anyway) we don’t have an EA registration number, as although we are free to use EA water as part of having a Cam license, we aren’t registered with them. And the Cam Con doesn’t bother giving out new numbers if the boat already has one from somewhere else. So our Cam Con disc uses Willow’s original C&RT number, 76857, which it has had since BW first issued numbers in the 80s (?).


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2 thoughts on “Licensed

  1. Forgive me, both, but as authors of the unbeatable blogpost title, ‘The Bollards of Reading Gaol’, surely you must agree the true title of this one should be ‘Going for Brokerage’?


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