Two Wheels Good

On Monday evening John Pippin cycled into town with my new old bike. A single speed classic rod brake Raleigh, I was very excited to take ownership of it. I can’t remember if it was picked up at the tip, or at the Emmaus charity shop, but it was one of several which John had collected in his shed. He very kindly spruced it up for me, so that whilst the frame and mudguards still need attention, everything else is good to go. It is very comfortable to ride, and now I just need to get some panniers and a basket to make it the perfect bike for pottering around Cambridge!

2013-06-03 19.29.10

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7 thoughts on “Two Wheels Good

  1. Ivor Thomas

    Be careful with this bike it is worth quite alot. If you look on ebay you will find they are fetching “good” money ( perhaps enough to buy a new one with panniers) I have been following you on this blog and really admire you two guys. Well done

  2. Severner Willow

    I know. Hence the D lock plus the additional cable!

  3. Bones

    beautiful. I just love these bikes! Well done.

  4. Watch the brakes! They are positively useless in rain (as I found out to my cost going round Trafalgar Square one wet rush-hour. Didn’t know policewomen knew words like that – but I missed her.!) Bike (28 inch wheel Raleigh) eventually died in a boat sinking that killed the 4-speed Sturmey-Archer

    • Ray, you will be pleased to know that the bike I road into Cambridge on (pushing Amy’s ‘new ‘bike with my free hand) was good old Albert, my 1957 28 inch wheeled ex-police bike. The Sturmey Archer 4 speed was working superbly. The brakes, as usual, weren’t…..

      John Pippin


  5. James

    Second Ray re. the brakes. My advice: Lock it to a lamp post, not the fence, thief only has to break one end of the rail off that fence to get the bike and with a small pair of wire cutters could ride it away…

    • James, Amy’s bike comes with a Pippin Patent anti-theft device: the chain case is catches slightly on the chain, so any forward-pedalling motion is accompanied by a loud and snarling rattle.

      Not only is it good for detering the ‘Dark of the Moon Oppurtunist’, it scares the hell out of pedestrians, which is just as well, given the brakes……

      John Pippin


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