Fit out days 25 and 26

Finally, two weekend days to devote to fitting out! We wanted to make progress in the bathroom, as having both been ill over the half term break, we’d been unable to get anything done.

We were both rowing first thing on Saturday morning, but once we were back, we were able to crack on with lining out the bathroom. I’d previously been able to put up e battens and the 25mm Celotex extra insulation, and it was now a case of fitting the tongue and groove over the top, cutting out apertures for things like the porthole, roof hatch and mushroom vent, and adding the dado rail along the gunwales and across the bulkhead.

We quickly finished off our stock of tongue and groove on the boat, and headed over to Wickes for more. After meeting Amy from Pyewacket and having lunch, we took several large packs back to Willow and were able, with the circular saw and jigsaw, to get it all properly mounted. It was fairly simple for large sections, with a couple of awkward angles in the corner where the bulkhead meets the angled cabin side, which needed careful measuring and cutting, and the joint between the dado rail along the gunwale, angled at 15 degrees off the vertical, and the fully horizontal dado rail on the bulkhead. A compound cut of 15 degrees and 45 degrees led to a close fit which looks quite good.

On Sunday we had a bit of a lie in and then cracked on with the trim pieces. Because it’s very hard to get a millimetre perfect cut, every edge of the tongue and groove was to be covered with a trim strip of 19mm by 3mm softwood. The mitre hand saw came into its own here, making accurate 45 degree cuts, and by 4pm we had all of the edging pieces cut and nailed on. Amy was then able to put on a first coat of primer above the gunwale on the areas which will be white.

On Monday evening after work, we added a second coat of primer, and primed the parts below the gunwale with dark grey primer, because this area will be painted in a slate grey shade.





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2 thoughts on “Fit out days 25 and 26

  1. It’s looking good. I too am using pine cladding from Wickes, but in a house (and using 3m lengths). I’m also going to use a trim piece to cover the joins. Did you acclimatise yours to the boat for three days, as the packaging advises? I measured a nominally 3m length, after it had lain for three days in the room I’m doing, and found it to be 5mm short (but I suppose it might have been supplied like that…)

    • Severner Willow

      Most of it was in the boat for some time before we used it, but some we used immediately. There wasn’t any noticeable difference between the two!

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