Moving to a new boat has meant that Lyra’s collar tag was no longer up to date, so I had a new one made for her. While I was at it, I found, Kitty Collars, a site which personalises collars too. So Lyra now has a fetching yellow collar with ‘NARROWBOAT WILLOW’* written on it as well as my number. Hopefully this will make it very clear that she’s a boat cat not a stray lost by the river. (We did once get a call saying  “we’ve found your cat, she’s by the river!”) I could have written it in pen on some elastic, but Lyra doesn’t tend to lose collars and this one was not too expensive. Plus it’s got a safety catch in case she gets caught anywhere.

*I know it should be ‘narrow boat’ not ‘narrowboat’, because Willow is historic, but there weren’t enough characters so I had to sacrifice historical accuracy to make sure that the important bits fitted!



2013-06-12 09.25.48

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2 thoughts on “Collared

  1. She doesn’t look that impressed, to be fair!

    • Severner Willow

      Haha, Lyra doesn’t do impressed, unless there’s food involved! there was a dog passing as I took this hence the look on her face and the ear turned back

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