Hot Water

We’re still a little way off getting hot water on Willow, but we’ve made a significant step towards it with the purchase of a part exchange refurbished Paloma instantaneous gas water heater. Willow has always had one (so no worries about Boat Safety – this is not a new installation, just a replacement) but it had not been used for many years.

A bit of searching on eBay had turned up the services of Bob, a chap in Lowestoft who will, for a mere £105, part exchange your old Paloma for a fully tested, refurbished one, which has a 60 day guarantee.  This is particularly brilliant because you can’t buy them new anymore – they’re no longer made. He’ll even send you the refurbished one before he receives your old one if you pay a returnable deposit.

The ‘new’ one arrived yesterday -guess which one! Whilst we’ve not plumbed it in and tested it yet, I can attest to his service being quick, friendly and efficient, as well as to the refurbished unit looking brand new and very shiny! Here’s hoping for hot water sooner rather than later.

2013-06-12 09.19.09

P.S We will of course get the whole gas system tested professionally before using it again.

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3 thoughts on “Hot Water

  1. I have met “Bob” and he seems a genuine sort of chap. He lives north of town and I am south.

  2. You can’t beat a real Paloma. None of the modern substitutes are as good. Just don’t let it freeze!

  3. Una Paloma Blanca by the looks of it!

    Proper job!

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