Fitout 28

Over the weekend, I was in Henley, at the Women’s Regatta but I was back on Saturday evening and on Sunday we got on with the shower. James had bought a shower waste, and we attached it to the bottom of the tray, then cut a keyhole shaped cutout in the piece of supporting ply. We’ve had to move the whole thing about 10 mm  to avoid the waste fouling the keelson (A long ‘spine’ of steel which runs down the centre of the baseplate). The small blocks on top are to stop the tray sliding about. Supporting the ply itself, at 85mm above the baseplate, are lots of blocks of outdoor treated wood, which are also going to get some end-grain wood treatment.

Having had problems with shower leakage on the Duck in the past, we want to make sure that any stray drips are contained, and don’t run into the rest of the cabin bilge. So, I sealed up the strengthening beam which had only been welded on in places, and closed up the drain holes. This area will also be accessible from the bottom of the cupboard next to the shower so that it can be easily checked and pumped out if necessary.

Looking around under here, it is possible (see last photo) to see the boat’s knees (90 degree angled strengthening joints connecting the vertical hull sides with the horizontal baseplate, only found on historic boats) , which were retained when the baseplate and footings were replaced.

2013-06-23 13.38.00

2013-06-23 14.38.44

2013-06-23 14.39.06

2013-06-23 14.40.15

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