Back in Town

Fed up of the commute from the admittedly lovely Waterbeach moorings, we came back into town last night. I met James at Baits Bite lock, having cycled out there after work. I popped into the Conservancy office to pick up a new EA key (we have only one now as we gave one away with the Duck and wanted a spare), and was nabbed to sign and fill in a form for the river manager. She did, however, provide tea and ginger nuts in return – there are some perks to being a Conservator!

We moored up in time to go rowing and coxing, but decided on a whim to move to a slightly different spot on the Common – with the Fair in town everyone left, so that on our return we had our pick of  most of the Common. The way our mooring works, we don’t have an allotted spot, just a licence to moor anywhere on the City’s riverside Commons. We are next to one of the set of concrete steps, always a bonus, aren’t under any trees, and only shaded by a little one for some of the day. Only a few hundred meters from where we were before the fair, but a different view from the window, always nice. Lyra seems to like it here too.


Steerer’s eye view – a lot of boat!

2013-06-26 09.09.51

Spot the cat!

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