Fitout 30

I’ve been struck with a very tenacious cold/cough for the past week so I’ve been good for nothing fit-out wise.

But James has been busy with the shower plumbing, and we now have a shower tray which drains into our Whale grey water tank. Designed to work with the Whale Gulper diaphragm pump, the tank has an integral float switch which triggers the pump. Normal shower sumps work similarly, but require a different type of pump which needs a filter, unlike the Gulper which can deal with stray hairs and other shower crud without getting blocked. However, we still plan to put a hair trap over the shower plug hole to avoid testing it to its limits with my long hair!

Getting the right connections (going from 40mm pipe to flexible hose) was a fiddle but it all works now, and the slight drop from the shower waste to the sump seems to be enough to let gravity drain the shower until it gets to the box where the water level rise triggers the pump to start working. Eventually the bathroom sink will also drain into the same tank and be pumped overboard.

Using this system means that all grey water can exit via the same hull outlet, which has a sea cock should we want to do any big river cruising.

The sump box will be easily accessible at the bottom of the cupboard next to the shower, for cleaning and maintenance, learning lessons from struggling to access the bathroom plumbing on the Duck. In fact all the systems so far have been designed with accessibility in mind.

2013-07-04 09.22.03

2013-07-04 09.22.16


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4 thoughts on “Fitout 30

  1. Your outlet doesn’t seem to be much above the water line – is there any particular reason for not putting it higher, or are you just using an existing skin fitting? I anticipate the sea cock getting a fair amount of use! (Having said this, I can’t remember how high up Jubilee’s skin fittings are, and we have no sea cocks …)

  2. The outlet is relatively low (and yes it was an existing one) but because it is sealed up to the level of the kitchen sink waste, it counts as being the 10″ above the waterline required for insurance purposes.

  3. We have a Whale Gulper on Pippin. They’re really good but I would recommend a hair trap!

  4. Is the box not vented?

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