Fitout 31 & 32

A very productive weekend. We’ve now got the structure of the shower cubicle walls in place, and lined with the waterproof paneling. We got the ply for the bulkhead cut by B&Q’s big cutting machine, then the awkward details were cut later using the multitool to make sure that it fitted around the beam. We then painted the back of the bulkhead white. Also the complicated plumbing had to be done, before this was fixed in place. Cutting the laminate panel was fairly easy with the jigsaw, making sure we measured twice and cut once! But it is now in place, and now needs fixing permanently with adhesive before the corners are sealed. We’ve also decided to panel the ceiling in the shower area to reduce the likelihood of the wood getting damaged by condensation.

Unfortunately the new cubicle blocks the circular window. We’ve got the skylight so there is enough light, but we think that we might get another window cut into the opposite side of the bathroom, eventually. Or cut a window in the cubicle itself, maybe!

2013-07-06 18.03.09 2013-07-06 20.08.19 2013-07-07 17.54.542013-07-07 17.55.20

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One thought on “Fitout 31 & 32

  1. Alf

    Ooooh copper pipe, much easier with plastic (cheaper too) !

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