Fitout 33

No blog for a week! Have been very busy with preparing for the Town Bumps rowing races which take place every night this week from Tuesday to Friday.

But this weekend, we did get the shower cubicle waterproofed, and plumbed in the shower itself. It’s looking pretty good, I think. Following advice from friends and online, I sealed the shower tray to the panels whilst weighted down (with bricks rather than water, so I could stand on them!) so that the additional weight of water plus person wouldn’t pull the sealant away. I also used tape to protect the panels, and make a nice clean edge. There are a few areas I want to touch up for cosmetic reasons but I am fairly confident of its waterproofness, having done two passes of sealant, one to force it into the cracks and another to finish it off with a consistent, large fillet.

James plumbed in the shower and it works fine, apart from the fact that there’s no hot water connected to it yet! It has a ‘rain’ head which is adjustable in height, as well as a separate hand held shower head for more directional washing  (not shown, we’ve not attached it yet). I’ve only ever used these types of showers in hotels before, so I am looking forwards to my first shower on Willow! It will be all the more enjoyable knowing that we made it ourselves!

Still no hot water or doors yet, but we are getting there. The gas fitter is coming next week to finish and sign off the gas installation, so fingers crossed it won’t be long until we have hot water and gas cooking!

2013-07-13 17.17.59 2013-07-13 17.18.18 2013-07-14 14.12.40

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2 thoughts on “Fitout 33

  1. May be too late now, but I used a 12 volt computer fan wired into the shower light to extract steam and blow it up the engine room ventilator – same could be done with a mushroom vent…

  2. Well done.
    PS. The keys arrived, thank you so much.

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