IWA National at Cassiobury Park

Normal service now resumes: no more of this rowing chat for a bit!

On Saturday, we got up late, having not been to bed until the silly hours. We pottered around, and finished off the day with a BBQ to belatedly celebrate James’s birthday. It was a lovely evening.

On Sunday, we took the train down to London to go the IWA National Waterways Festival at Cassiobury Park in Watford. We’d been planning to go anyway, since it’s rare that these festivals are easy for us to get to. But then we found that we’d actually won tickets (via a Canal Boat magazine competition I’d entered on a whim months ago) so we really had to go!

At Watford Junction, we met up with James’s brother (who lives nearby) and dad. We walked along the canal to get to the festival, past the few working boats and up into the site itself, which seemed to be far too removed from the canal. Unfortunately, apart from eating (the food was pretty good) there wasn’t a lot for them to do, once they’d looked around the stalls, so we said goodbye. For us, the best bit was seeing boaty friends who were there. Of the bloggers. we saw Jim & Sarah who were there on Chertsey, John (Halfie) & Jan from Jubilee, Kath & Neil from Herbie, with their grand daughter Grace, as well as Simon from Tortoise and Carrie from Blackbird. There were also a fair few HNBC folk there, and unexpectedly, we also saw Simon, Willow’s previous owner. It was really nice to catch up with everyone.

We came away with a lot of brass, as is to be expected when there are lots of stalls selling various boaty trinkets. A brass towel rail, about 12 curtain rail ends (all priced originally at £3.85 each, but we got the lot for £5), and a brass trivet which they lady on the boat jumble stall insisted upon throwing in with the rail ends!

2013-07-21 18.35.59

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