Fitout 34

Significant progress today! We finally fitted the shower cubicle. It was supposed to be simply a case of putting it together and attaching it to the walls, but of course, nothing is ever that simple…

Having put the main frame together, we stood it up on the shower tray, and despite us both being short arses, we could peer over the top. The problem being that we’d lowered the tray to allow for a sensible amount of headroom, but the cubicle doors which came with the boat were bought to fit on top of the tray that wasn’t sunk into the floor! So, we had to think up a solution!

A trip to Mackays to buy other necessaries inspired us to go and see what the metal work/small engineering workshop round the back could offer. Truly this is a wonderful place, where any size or section of metal will be cut to size for you, while you wait, and small works carried out. For less than £30 we came away with the materials to extend the shower door frame, lifting it up to a sensible height. Using square section aluminium with thin flexible sheets pop riveted either side, the whole lot is now 180mm higher, and much more useful, so we now have decent headroom for showering and glass screens all the way up to the beam. A little more sealing is now required but we are getting there! The doors slide smoothly open and it all looks pretty good.





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2 thoughts on “Fitout 34

  1. Grandad

    You are getting to realy clever at fixing things. Grandad

  2. I wonder if the estimable Mackays could knock up a quick hull to slip over the rather leaky one that was flogged to Amy and Kirsty on ‘Pyewacket’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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