Fitout 35: The Gas Man Cometh

This morning, Tony Pope, the Gas Safe engineer, arrived to finish and sign off our gas system. James had already done a fair bit of it, and the gas locker end had not been altered. So, what we needed Tony to do was connect up the appliances (Paloma and oven/hob) and sign off the system as safe to use. He worked efficiently, using the parts we’d already bought for the job and supplying his own where we didn’t have the ones we needed. James helped, doing things like affixing the wall clips so that the process was speeded up. Soon the cooker and the Paloma were connected, but there was still a lot of checking to do. The system was pressurised with air first, and each joint covered with a soapy solution to show where the leaks were. All leaks were eventually fixed, and the system was holding pressure and safe to use! Whilst they were sorting the gas, I sealed up the shower cubicle with sanitary grade anti fungal, clear silicone, which was a satisfying job, ready for when we had hot water for the shower.

Once the system had been signed off, we made our first cup of tea on the newly plumbed in stove. I can’t wait to try out my shiny new oven, (already planning my first batch of Celebrations Brownies!) and have my first shower on Willow.

P.S for anyone local, we would definitely recommend Tony for gas work and boat safety inspections. We’ve used him for work on both the Duck and Willow, and have been very satisfied.




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3 thoughts on “Fitout 35: The Gas Man Cometh

  1. Kevin

    Hooray, proper tea facilties, must arrange a visit now đŸ™‚

  2. Showering photo required.

  3. Excellent – things are coming on apace. It was good to see you at Cassiobury Park – glad you found the brass!

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