Fitout 38

I’m at work but James just sent me this photo of the edging of the kitchen bulkhead/splashback. It needed finishing off, and as luck would have it, John Pippin’s parents were getting rid of some oak capping perfect for the job. It needs sanding back and re-staining but it’s just the thing, so thanks for thinking of us, John!  I also just picked up (well they’re still in the Red Cross shop and need collecting) four long solid wood  shelves (pine I think) suitable for books along the wall in the living room for all of £5 for the lot.

As you can see its pretty chaotic on Willow at the moment! But things are coming on very well. I had the good news today that the marble top of the Victorian washstand we picked up in Oxfam months ago and plan to repurpose as a sink stand in the bathroom has had the relevant holes successfully drilled in it by Hibbitt’s, the monumental mason on Victoria Road. When we gave the marble top to them they were very careful to stress that the whole thing might crack and that they couldn’t replace it if it did, so I was preparing myself for the worst!


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One thought on “Fitout 38

  1. Mum and dad will be delighted to see the oak capping put to such good use!

    Well done!

    Now, I was at the dump today, and I saw something very ‘Willow’………

    Don’t worry, it’s small (but perfectly formed…..), and in the back of The Hairdresser’s Car

    Methinks you will like!


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