Fitout 39: A Floor in the Plan

It’s been a busy few days! At the weekend we were both racing at Peterborough Regatta, where James’s men’s VIII won their race, coming home with a pot to show for their hard work. My boat made through our heat but got no further.

On Tuesday, my dad visited with his partner Karen and her son, Joe. My dad last visited in 2008, and none of them had seen Willow before. We took them for a little cruise to the Plough at Fen Ditton, and then when we got back, my dad kindly helped us move a load of wood to the garage. I totally failed to take any pictures, so will do another post when I get some!

Today, the oak floor went in. An exciting moment, as we’ve had the stack of “click-lock” solid oak floorboards since we bought the boat – they were included in the purchase – and we’ve been waiting to get them down until we had finished a lot of the other jobs. First, the underlay was taped down, then the boards. It was tricky to begin with but once the first rows were in place, the rest clicked together. Logistically it involved doing all of one side then shifting the sofa and arm chair over on to the newly laid floor so the other side could be done. It looks great. The oak is waxed to a gorgeous finish and is very good quality. Just need to sort out the skirting and trim round the hearth.





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4 thoughts on “Fitout 39: A Floor in the Plan

  1. indigodream

    That floor looks so lovely – such a warm finish but practical too – glad that Lyra approves 😀

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Amy's Dad

    Well done you two…. looks so good.

    Love Popps xxx

  3. James

    The floor looks great, I bet it makes the whole boat feel much more complete and homely.

    “James’s men’s VIII won their race” 🙂 honestly, It was a whole lot more exciting that that!

  4. It looks really good, well done.

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