Fitout 40

Progress has been rapid since getting the wooden saloon floor in. We’ve been working on the floor in the kitchen, having laid the red quarry tiles we finished off cutting the few odd shapes for the edges and around the fridge and laid them down, and then had a fun time grouting them. They need a couple more washes to remove the last of the grout, but they’re pretty solid and sturdy.


The other tiling project was the front hallway area. We’ve decided not to have a covered cratch at the foreend, and so needed a small area where you can take off wet coats and dirty boots with a tiled floor so it’s easy to keep clean.

There are a lot of rather swanky Victorian houses that we pass nearby to the mooring, and they often have wonderfully tiled front paths, and so we were inspired by this to put in a diamond checked pattern of black and red quarry tiles.

These tiles continue right across the width of the first part of the boat. Cutting the small angled pieces around the edges took nearly twice as long as putting in the majority of the tiles, but we think the end result is worth it, and certainly makes a grand first impression to visitors.


It needs grouting and a threshold strip fitting to the gap between it and the wood floor.

Other works included making a built in bookcase on the small part-bulkhead, on the side facing the living room. I made it out of 12mm plywood, and edged it with pine strips, before staining the wood to match the surroundings and applying several coats of varnish.


We also reassembled an oak bookcase that Simon had made, and which came in pieces, some of which we collected recently at an HNBC meeting in Farnham and took home on the train and tube, after he kindly found them for us. This fits under the gunwale neatly, and of course having new space for books, we had to go to the garage and collect some books to put on them!


Some of our canal and waterways history collection in it’s new home.



Having a browse!

We also had another first today. With the new floor in, and space cleared, we were able to invite our friends Amy and Kirsty of Pyewacket over for Sunday lunch. Whilst I’ve no doubt it’s not yet as practiced and superb as those cooked by “Sir” on NB No Problem, the cider-basted roast gammon, roast potatoes cooked to my Nan’s recipe, honey-roast carrots and steamed veg went down a treat!

One of the things we really missed being able to do when we had Lucky Duck was to invite friends over for meals; we just didn’t have the space for any kind of table. Having experienced numerous wonderful meals with other boating friends, on Melaleuca, Pippin, Kestrel, and other boats, we’ve always looked forwards to being able to repay the favour, and are glad we’re now able to.


The orange juice was because Kirsty had to go to work afterwards, and it seemed very unfair to subject her to the normal boaters’ boozy Sunday lunch! There’s time yet, though…

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2 thoughts on “Fitout 40

  1. Love the diamond tiles in the ‘porch’!

  2. Kath

    Very impressive and like Adam I love the diamond tiles. It must be so hard living in your workspace but looks like it is going to be well worth it.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

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