A Stowaway

We found a chrysalis attached to the bathroom ceiling the other day, and decided to leave it and see what it would become. Sadly we missed it emerging but once it had it stayed for quite a while before flying off out of the roof hatch.

2013-08-17 10.27.26

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3 thoughts on “A Stowaway

  1. Excellent. Well recorded.

  2. All we seem to get on wb Pippin are spiders. By the score! And not one of them has paid any rent! Helps keep the mozzies down though…….

  3. Jaqueline Biggs

    Oh Lovely! I echo John’s sentiments. Only spiders here–a literal boat load of them. I’ve decided spiders are like Ninja assassins, slinking silently down their silken thread to suddenly SPRING out at you from nowhere! Thank goodness for Les and the flyswatter.

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