Summer Pootle 3


We didn’t go anywhere today, just enjoyed the weather, and our prime spot just along from the Cutter in Ely (last night after dinner we moved moorings!)

In the afternoon, I got on with some work inside whilst James cleaned and polished one side of the boat. This is new to us – a long time ago I helped (big)James polish Kestrel, which was satisfying but hard work. But Lucky Duck‘s paint job wasn’t really smooth enough to inspire polishing, so we’d never bothered. However, with Willow we knew that the high quality paint job would benefit from a good polish and resolved to make sure we kept it looking nice.  We’d decided to cheat and buy an electric buffer tool, which James was eager to try out.

The bank at our spot in Ely was at just the right height. He first washed the side with OneChem Exterior Multi Clean, which is a boat cleaner we’d had recommended and is environmentally friendly. Then, it was on to the polish – he used Carnauba Wax, applied with a cloth then finished of with the buffer.

2013-08-23 17.45.28 2013-08-23 19.31.29 2013-08-23 19.33.09

In the evening, I made a couple of blackberry and pear cobblers made with fruit gathered from the little playpark on Willow Walk just along the riverfront. Annoyingly the gas ran out halfway through baking! Thankfully we had another so all was not lost, and we can go and fill the empty one at the boatyard tomorrow morning.

2013-08-23 19.55.50

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One thought on “Summer Pootle 3

  1. Stephen & Jayne Pigott - nb Dolce Far Niente

    Enjoying your blog as you make a home of Willow. Can you tell me what buffer you use, I am thinking of getting one. Thanks. Stephen

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