Summer Pootle 4 (Saturday)

Ely – The Ship

Just a quick post until we can get some pictures off of various phones and cameras.

We met up in Ely with Amy’s mum (Harriet), her partner, and Amy’s sister Esther. Although the weather was a bit grey and dismal, we had a walk around town as none of them had been before, and had a fantastic lunch at Peacock’s tea rooms.


By mid afternoon the rain had died away, and so we headed off for a small cruise. Harriet and her partner were staying the night on the sofa bed, but Esther had to go back to London.

Luckily the rain stopped and the sun started to peek though. We tried getting onto the water point, but it was full with two cruisers moored breasted-up to it, and the winding hole was full of more moored boats so we couldn’t turn and put the fore end near the tap. There was nothing for it but to leave town and fill up at Littleport. Although there were a few boats on the moorings near the water point, there was just enough space to get the foreend and the first 10 feet of boat onto it, with the back end aground under the bridge! After filling the water tank, we dropped Esther off at the moorings closest to the station, in a 15 foot gap between cruisers- I turned the boat so it was across the river and touched the fore end on, sneaking it into the gap between the cruisers.

It was then a case of moving on down the river towards The Ship, at the junction with the Little Ouse/ Brandon Creek, where we planned to stay the night. We knew it would be very busy, on a bank holiday weekend, but we were very lucky to spot a Willow-sized gap next to a widebeam on the EA moorings just upstream of the junction.

Once moored we had a splendid dinner of roast gammon with all the trimmings, and managed to lever ourselves out of the boat for a walk to the pub and back before retiring to bed.


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