My Favourite Finds – Little Chair

This chair sat, looking lonely, in Oxfam for weeks. Every time I saw it, there was some reason why I couldn’t take it home – I already had too much shopping or I was going back to work. Eventually, I went back in with James, when we were on our way home and had our hands free, thinking that of course now we can take it, it will be gone. But it was still there. It’s just right for Willow – delicate, with inlaid pale wood and the right size for a narrow boat!

Oxfam, £11.99

2013-09-04 15.56.23 2013-09-04 15.56.40

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Finds – Little Chair

  1. Amy's Dad

    Lovely – particularly like the top of the back. the way the inlay is run around the corner.
    Must have been waiting for you…..

    Popps xxx

  2. Kath Corbett

    And Willow, behind the chair, Is looking very good. Looking forward to seeing her next time we are in Cambridge.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

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