Navigating the Cambridge Backs

Between October and March, powered boats are permitted to navigate the Cambridge “Backs”, by arrangement with the Cam Conservancy. On our old boat, Lucky Duck, we made the trip many times.

With this knowledge, Camboaters (well, me and James), in collaboration with the Conservancy, have produced a comprehensive guide to navigating the Backs in a powered boat, which can be downloaded or read online. It contains a useful map, bridge heights, and detailed descriptions of how to navigate each of the 10 bridges.

This winter we plan to try it in Willow… if we can do it, anyone can!

Read Online


2011-10-09 10.56.31


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3 thoughts on “Navigating the Cambridge Backs

  1. Kev

    Hi Willow

    Please add this to your info. A short time lapse I did last year onboard NB Harnser


    • Brilliant!

      But surely should be accompanied by the “Yakety Sax” theme?


      • Kev

        I do intend to add the bridge names and a serine sound track, but life gets in the way.

        For now it’s a silent movie.

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