Welcome To Willow

Today, James and some nutty rowers are off competing in the Boston Marathon 50km rowing race (Edit: the won!). Sensibly, having already rowed it twice I’m not involved this year! So I’m at home, getting on with things, and enjoying pottering about the boat.

This morning, I cleaned and sealed the tiles at the entrance to the boat, ready for grouting this afternoon. Once I’d grouted and washed the excess off, I attached a threshold strip to the gap between the wood and the tiles. I think it looks pretty good, and is a nice welcome to the boat. Next step in this part of the boat is to make some shoe racks to go opposite the coat rail.


Lunch today (eaten whilst waiting for tile sealant to dry) was a yummy concoction of things I had in the cupboard: roasted veg (peppers, butternut squash, carrots and potatoes left over from last night) topped with slices of halloumi. Yum.


Now, I’ve got the fire on, and am feeling very glad not to be rowing down the Witham!


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2 thoughts on “Welcome To Willow

  1. Rachael Jennings

    Would not fancy rowing the Witham today. Windy enough here in the marina never mind out on the river!

  2. Lisa

    The floor looks fab. Well done you, actually your lunch looked pretty good too.
    NB What a Lark

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