Fitout 41

We’re starting to sort out all those little edges and trims that finish things off (see below). There are still quite a few big jobs to do – particularly the bathroom floor tiling, but we had an annoying leak in the shower waste where the 40mm pipe connected down to a smaller pipe to go into the grey water tank, and we didn’t want to tile over the gap we were using to suck out the excess water until it was fixed. Now we’re on Version 3 and it all seems dry down there, fingers crossed it is fixed! We have access to most of the plumbing as it is at the bottom of the spare cassette cupboard which has a removeable floor, but we are also building a last resort panel into the floor so that if needed only a few tiles need to come up should drastic measures need to be taken.

A few photos of what we’ve been up to:-

Scraping out, filling and painting the rotten end of the wooden deckbeam.

2013-09-24 18.36.41 2013-09-24 18.50.02

A temporary fix really – it needs the entirety of that end replacing eventually – a summer job.

Cutting, staining and varnishing things:

The trim around the bottom of the entrance step, made from that 50p ash stripwood we got at Shackerstone. (We’ve got a similar one around the hearth.)

2013-09-25 09.11.41

And a shelf above the coat rail for gloves, hats and scarves. Need to find some boxes to fit up there.

2013-09-25 09.11.53

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3 thoughts on “Fitout 41

  1. Good job!

    I’ll be surprised if that repair doesn’t last at least a two years!

    It’s looking good!


  2. Bones

    Baskets!!! Those shelves need wicker…..or am i showing my wicker obsession….

    • Severner Willow

      I’m trying to get hold of some little tea chests, as Willow carried tea to Typhoo in Birmingham from Gloucester docks, and it’d be a nice nod to the past.

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