Autumn on the Cam

2013-10-01 09.30.27

Autumn came to the river with a sudden drop in temperature that prompted us to stock up on coal. But thankfully it reverted back to almost summery warm days that have meant we’ve only just opened our first bag!

This was a godsend for our friends on Pyewacket, as they hadn’t refitted their stove yet. But yesterday, James helped other Amy fit their little Boatman stove, so they’ll be warm as the nights draw in! (Don’t you just love the proper curvy boaty shape of Pyewacket’s living room?)

2013-09-30 17.49.06


In other news, we’ve also ordered Willow’s new stern fenders, from Joe Hollingshead who makes traditional ones from hemp that need dipping in creosote. He’s going to make them more bent then normal, knowing that they are going to be used on a Severner’s pointy counter! We’ll not be using these on a daily basis – we’ve already got some serviceable but tatty ones for that, these’ll be kept in the engine room for ‘best’!

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One thought on “Autumn on the Cam

  1. Might you be underestimating the effort involved in putting the fenders on? Joe made the ones Chertsey has (initially for Warrior) and they have been in use since 2007 and are still going strong, with no vegetation and very little wear, although Jim has just put some rubber over the button to protect it as it occurred to me that wear rather than rot was going to be what got it first. They’ve been soaked in creosote substitute about every other year. If you’re not planning heavy use, once they’re creosoted, I would leave them on.

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