My Favourite Finds: Sinking in

2013-10-02 17.45.12

2013-10-02 17.45.27

We bought this Swedish enamel sink from eBay and it arrived yesterday.

We’d been wondering what sort of sink to use in the bathroom on top of the Victorian wash stand we bought back in January.  Having originally planned to fit a drain to the bottom of an enamel bowl from a charity shop we changed our minds because the shape of the bowl meant that we weren’t sure if the water would run out properly. We’d decided to go for a standard ceramic counter top sink but I still hankered after an enamel one, so when I spotted this on ebay I was a bit excited! It is perfect, having been designed with a drain hole in it, which fits exactly in the 50mm hole we’d already had drilled in the marble top. It’s in really good condition too, with only a couple of tiny chips around the rim. We got into a nailbiting bidding war with one other buyer and ended up spending £50, including the postage, but I think it’s worth it. A standard ceramic one wouldn’t have been much less and wouldn’t have looked nearly as good!

Underneath, it has a brass fitting with a thread but we’ve yet to work out whether it will fit standard British plumbing! If it doesn’t fit anything, we’ll just have to use good old plastic pipe and a jubilee clip, so I’m sure it will work out one way or another.

Can’t wait to fit it properly in the  bathroom on top of the wash stand!

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7 thoughts on “My Favourite Finds: Sinking in

  1. Amy that is brilliant!

    If it’s Swedish, the thread will be metric so you shouldn’t have any problems plumbing it in.

    It rocks!

  2. Jim Cook

    You could always have a fitting machine up very cheaply I am sure


  3. Bones

    How are you going to stop the marbled discolouring?

    • Severner Willow

      I don’t know, we might try polishing it with a mild abrasive like toothpaste if it does. The monumental masons who drilled the holes recommended very very fine sandpaper to remove any stains, etc.

      • Bones

        I have a slab under my fire and am still trying to work out how to protect it. I haven’t quite managed to clean it efficiently yet. The sanding idea doesn’t work for me but I bet the toothpaste does! I will try that, thanks.

        Mine isn’t sealed though…is yours?

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