Fit out 42

A bit of a mix of things to blog about; a couple of bits and pieces inside the boat, and some work on the outside.

The biggest job we’ve done to the exterior so far was repainting the rear bulkhead and counter. The wooden rear doors had the paint cracking and peeling in places, and this was letting water in. We’ve had a couple of nice evenings this week, so I hurried home from work on a few occasions to get some paint on them to give it a chance to dry before the evening dew.

The doors were rubbed down, loose paint removed, and the worst patches under coated, and they’ve since had a couple of coats of topcoat. Because the doors looked so good, I also rubbed down and painted the bulkhead either side, and leaned out over the counter to paint around it. The back of the boat now looks stunning, but photos can wait until I’ve finished painting the tiller and the cants at the back- a couple of small jobs that can be done quickly and given a chance to dry before the dew comes. Another job was repainting the cants at the bow, which had been scratched on the journey back, and primed and under coated, but not top coated.

We put a big order in online at Midland Chandlers on their 20% off “Freaky Friday” sale yesterday, getting lots of useful items such as navigation lights, reading lights for the bedroom once we reorganise it, a battery monitor, and lots of useful bits and pieces. We’re waiting now for a very large parcel to arrive at Amy’s workplace, to mystify her colleagues!

The cassette loo, too, has been fettled a bit. It is mounted on a base which can be pulled out away from the cupboard, so the cassette can be changed. I mounted it securely on some appliance rollers from Mackays and mounted some bolts, so it securely attaches into position but can be easily rolled forwards to change the cassette- photos to follow.

Another job was to make, paint, and install a shoe rack at the front of the cabin, in our tiled “hallway”. As we’re not going to have a cratch cover, we needed somewhere to store wet and muddy boots, especially now autumn is drawing in. I had Mackays cut some 12mm aluminium tube to length, cut out some holes in 25mm wooden battens, and, once painted, attached them into the space. There’s plenty of space for boots underneath, and shoes on this rack, so they can all be tidily stored away.


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One thought on “Fit out 42

  1. David Sparkes.

    Just one point about using your shoe rack. If you put wet / muddy/ grassy ‘contaminated’ footwear above other shoes the contamination will tend to dry and fall into the open shoe below. There are various strategies to minimise this contamination drift; for instance, store the shoes upside down; always put the freshly dirtied shoes on the bottom row, moving the dryer / cleaner shoes to a higher space. Whatever it is you just have to find a method that suits you 🙂

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