Autumn Cruise

On Sunday we went out of town for the afternoon – it was such lovely weather, we just had to go boating! As soon as I was finished rowing, we were off! On the way out we met john Pippin on the towpath, coming the other direction on his bike. After cycling off to take some photos of The Engineer’s boat from the other side (for their Christmas card!), he caught up with us again. He took a lot of photos of us on Willow from the bank, which was really nice as we have so few photos of both of us on our boat! After locking through Bait’s Bite, we stopped to grab some boaters’ gold (chunks of wood) to take home and season in the garage ready for next year’s burning.

We went to the Emmaus charity warehouse in the afternoon but didn’t come away with anything substantial, then in the evening we had a lovely dinner on Pippin. This evening, we’ll be chugging back into town.


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3 thoughts on “Autumn Cruise

  1. All those lovely photos and you had your fenders dangling!! Perhaps you can photoshop them out… 🙂

    • Severner Willow

      Ah, but on the Cam we need them down in the locks because there are side chains which the base plate needs keeping away from.

  2. Nick Holt


    Lovely photos, and on a perfect Autumn weekend too.

    You’re right, it’s so rare to get the opportunity to see yourselves on your boat as there’s usually someone taking the photo, in fact i don’t think there’s on image of me, Claire and the three kids together on the boat… Now that’s something we’re going to have to change…

    And it’s great to see you getting out and enjoying ‘Willow’ too, it’s all to easy in the renovation stage to spend all your time doing DIY and never getting out and about.

    With Eileen’s paint ‘hardening off’ and then painter Jez returning to do more next week, it looks like it’ll be half term, at the end of the month, before we’re able to get out on the water again. I can’t wait.

    best wishes


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