Another photo of Willow in 1972

Discussion on the Canal World forum has brought another photo of Willow to light, taken in August 1972, at roughly the same time as the ones we already have of the boat at Hayhurst. This one however shows the cabin as it was then in a little more detail, and the name written on the side. It’s nice to get confirmation that the Severner in the other photos is Willow, or at least a boat named as such! Left to right, the boats are Willow, Holland and President.

Hayhurst 1973

Photo: John Milton

Oh yes, and I was just asked on Twitter what happened to them.

Well, most boaters have heard of the steamer President which lives at the Black Country Living Museum when not out and about at rallies. Once , it visited Cambridge, before we were even boat owners!

Photo: Colin Bailey,

but Holland, having spent time as a latterly rather down at heel trip boat is now restored and looking wonderful too.

Photo Ros Prettyman, HNBC

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4 thoughts on “Another photo of Willow in 1972

  1. Ray Butler

    Before Holland was a down at heel trip boat she was an extremely smart one –

    That’s me steering in 1976

  2. Severner Willow

    Ooh very smart indeed!

  3. Hello. I think that ‘a little bit of stone’ must have “borrowed” that image of President from me. The original can be found here if this link works:
    No problems with you using it but would appreciate you credit it to
    It was taken at the Braunston Historic Boat Gathering about four or five years ago.
    I am a regular lurker at several narrowboat blogs, yours included, and it came as quite a surprise when I saw that picture of President here.
    Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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