Fitout 43: Battery Monitor

We bought quite a few bits and pieces on Midland Chandler’s most recent “Freaky Friday” 20% off day, one of which was a Victron battery monitor. We’d been relying on a handheld multimeter which did the job but it was a faff as you had to go into the engine room to check battery levels. This one displays the battery status 10m away from the battery bank, using a data cable. The question was where to mount it once connected up.

It’s a little round display, and looking at it I wondered if it would fit in one of the LED light fitting holders which Simon had kindly made for us out of oak while we were still up at Langley Mill. We had a couple still unused as we’d mounted them in their brass surrounds rather than in these ones in the bedroom and bathroom. Co-incidentally, it fitted perfectly!

2013-10-12 14.50.31


Next, we had to fit it to the wall at eye level, in the kitchen, so that we could easily keep an eye on the state of the batteries. James used the multitool to cut a gap in the panelling and a channel behind for the cable, then nailed the oak strip back over it.

2013-10-13 14.59.24 2013-10-13 15.05.18 2013-10-13 15.05.58 - Copy

Very pleasing. P.S it’s at 14.08 because the engine was running to power the multitool.


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