Stormy Weather?

With a big storm predicted for Southern England and Wales tonight, I hope that everyone is safely moored up and has their hatches duly battened!

As I sit here writing, the weather outside is remarkably quiet – it is windy, but the boat’s not moving that much. Part of the reason for this is that we have moved away from our normal mooring spot on Midsummer Common, to an area where mooring’s not usually allowed due to navigation width. But for one night, we decided that we’d do well to avoid the tree we moor next to on the Common, just in case. It’s very close to the river bank, unlike the rest of the trees on the common, which are either set back or much smaller. After our narrow escape in 2011 from being squashed by a falling tree, we’re naturally wary!

Trees bending in the wind on Midsummer Common

2013-10-27 14.08.14


Our temporary mooring for the night. no trees around, and sheltered by the concrete wall (and yes we have fenders out to stop us catching on the wall if  the water level rises!)


2013-10-27 15.20.15

Another shot of the rainbow!

2013-10-27 15.22.32

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2 thoughts on “Stormy Weather?

  1. And after me………. “Louisiana, Louisiana, there’s six feet of water on the streets of Evangeline”.


  2. Don you have battens for your hatches any more? I thought they went out with sail.

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