Fitout 45/Favourite Finds

We bought this “late Victorian” wash stand months and months ago, just after we bought Willow. In fact, it was the first thing we bought for the boat. It was a charity shop find – from Oxfam on Burleigh Street. The lovely enamel sink came from eBay, and the holes in the marble top were drilled by Hibbitt’s (monumental masons). The taps are from B&Q! Oh yes, and the the mirror above the sink is a Willow original – made by her previous owner.

The decision to use this washstand and repurpose it as a plumbed in sink had a knock on effect for the rest of the boat’s design – using it meant that the bathshower room had to be pretty big, which in turn affected where we could put the bulkheads. But we are really glad that we persevered with the idea. Last night, after the grouting which I’d applied in the afternoon was dry, we moved it into place and James began the task of plumbing it in. The taps now work, but it got too late to finish the waste pipe, so the sink currently drains into a plastic washing up bowl underneath!

Very pleased with the final result!


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4 thoughts on “Fitout 45/Favourite Finds

  1. Stunning result, well done both of you!

  2. Amy's Dad

    That looks lovely, well done, good housekeeping seal of approval.
    Now get James to polish the copper pipes, every Monday morning.

    Popps xxx

  3. Kath

    You did right to persevere, it looks superb!
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  4. Brilliant results, well done.

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